I grew up in a basketball home. My dad was a player and taught my brother and I how to appreciate the game. I logged too many hours to count working on my skills in our driveway. I always followed the local team, the Blazers, and loved going to games.

As I have grown older, I have found my love for the game has matured as well. Instead of just liking one team, I find myself immersed daily with the happenings of the league and noting the trends that I see coming to surface. In the past decade I have spent many more hours learning about teams, coaches, and the draft process then I ever did practicing my post up moves in my old drive way. I feel my affection for the game is more than just fandom. I believe I am a student of the game and will continue to learn as long as I live.

To that end, I have decided to take up this journey to write down my thoughts and observations in the hopes that it will spark some interesting discussions around your water cooler.

My focus for this blog will be on player movement. This is the aspect of the NBA that I am most interested in and find the most fascinating. I hope to cover and write about trades, drafts, free agent signings, analyzing the performance of the front office, and other musings on how to construct a championship team.

Looking forward to it, as I hope you are.

– Taylor


What are your thoughts?

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